Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your story on Out There. I thrive on adventure stories with danger and extreme effort but your honest look at yourself was refreshing. It helped me get through a difficult day and time. Thanks.”
— Gary W.
I felt like you wrote what I wish I could say.
— Ginger Graham, Co-owner and Founder, Ginger and Baker
Fabulous work, Willow Belden and Becky Jensen. I just listened to The Motherload. This is so spot on! I started crying, it’s so close to home for me. Thank you, Becky.
— Bernadette Murphy, author of Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life
I listened to your podcast this morning … you are my hero.
— Dawn Putney, Owner, Toolbox Creative
If you’re looking for a dose of motivation I highly recommend this episode of Out There Podcast … so, so, good.
— Hike Like a Woman community and podcast (sharing Coyote’s Beauty Secrets)
I just listened to your podcast, The Motherload, and was very moved and inspired. I shared the podcast with my wife and it brought her to tears.
— Matt A.
Thank you for sharing your story, Becky! Both of them really. The first time you were on Out There was my favorite podcast yet.
— Allison H.
I listened to the podcast. I can’t wait for the book.
— Sean M.
Fantastic piece! I can’t wait for the book. You inspire me.
— Shellee C.
Becky, I love your stories and listening to your podcasts. It’s because of your podcasts that I’ve completed 7 mile trail runs without stopping! Please do more-your voice is beautiful as is your writing. I hope to do the CT next year, early summer 2019 and you are an inspiration.
— Kerry K.
I just finished listening to your Coyote podcast. It was soooo good, Becky. That story and the message from it were moving, and your voice is mesmerizing.
— Anya W.
I so enjoy your voice, and can’t wait to listen to your podcast a second time today.
— Annie O.
Becky Jensen’s writing is so pure. Read, or better, listen to the podcast.
— Kathy N.
Just listened to [your] story on Out There podcast this evening. Felt like I was there with you.
— Marin V.
You have a real gift! We will treasure this edition of the magazine and we hope to work with you again.
— Ginger Graham, Co-owner and Founder, Ginger and Baker
I love everything about this! The expanse and grandeur of the natural world juxtaposed next to the foibles and frailty of the feminine ego; the honesty reflected in the mirror that made me squirm towards a greater self-honesty; the humor that brought out giggles and snorts of recognition, and the glimmer of hope that you and I and all women may find many more moments of freedom along our trails.
— Joan Heiman, author of Life with an Impossible Person: a Memoir of Love and Loss
Your presentation was absolutely spot-on and filled with great tips, interesting stories and different perspectives. And I really loved how engaged people were afterwards. You are truly incredible.
— Linda Lee, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Wow!!! Such a wonderful article … thank you so much for capturing the story. Getting the word out about our work is really how we make connections, build donor relations, and move our projects forward.
— Adam Miller, Executive Director and Founder, Planet Indonesia International
We all read your work and think it is awesome!!! No changes at all, you are brilliant. Thanks for yet another amazing piece!!
— Kira Koldeway, General Manager, HighCraft Builders
You wrote what I really feel about the business, in a way that I could not do. The personalities came to life with your prose. And the energy of the building can be felt with your crisp and animated writing style. We consider it a compliment that you wrote about us and are very appreciative of how well you told the Ginger and Baker story.
— Ginger Graham, Co-owner and Founder, Ginger and Baker